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Escape From Office

Yesterday i left at 5 sumtin. Boss is a bit unwilling to let me leave that early. Hihi, thanks to my senior colleague, he had bought the ticket from my hometown to Melaka earlier, so he asked boss whether he could leave early because he did not want his ticket money to fly away and boss agreed hihih.

Headache week

Recently got so much pressures from boss. I felt not happy for the whole week. The most important thing is in the high pressure environment i could not concentrate on my job. This has led to slow progress in the coding which might be one of the reasons boss is not going to raise my salary or of not giving me any bonus. One more colleagues are leaving after Chinese new year. I feel so sad and i don't know how long still i could withstand esp. when new projects are coming in. That means one man would take up 10 ppl's job! Just imagine it, by that time, work until 2 3 am in the mid night everyday will become a MUST. This is what i dun wanna face. It's not i am not willing to work hard but what do i gain by putting so much times & efforts? Technical knowledges and Money? how much i got? 2k a month plus free hostel.... It's damn low man !Technical knowledge? come on, that is not important because knowledge keeps changing from day to day! Bosses think i m stupid i m eas…

God's crying

For the past few days the weather in Johor has been very cold. It has been raining from day to day. Reading the news about Tsunami in paper, i found as if the god is crying for those who died in the unexpected calamity. This is just a bad present from Christmas. All of us walked into the new year by having a heavy heart. I watched the Live Celebration show in Taiwan, the ppl out there look so happy as if the tragedy has nothing to be bothered. Anyway, prior to the start of countdown, the crowd was asked to pray for the Tsunami victims. I felt better this time because it's proved that human's conscience still exists. Let's send our condolences to the ppl in Sri Langka, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and so on...