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The correct WAY?

I realised one thing recently. There are so many things that could happen in this world. There are so many challenges we are going to face everyday. Different people may overcome the problems in different wat and that leads to different outcome. If you are too extreme, maybe you get something very very bad back on you and vice versa. I think, in order to bring the critical situation up to one balance point, we must adopt the concept of 'Moderate'. This is not a new concept and it has been used since very very long time ago. In Confucianism, 'moderate' is always mentioned and you can see the role it plays is very significant. How does moderate solve problem? In this case i am going to use some examples because using example is the best way to visualise a concept. One of the major thinking in Chinese culture is 'Yin' and 'Yang', which specifies the important of balance. Nothing can go over the limit or else it brings disaster. For e.g, whenever there is a…

Running out of Time

Time management is an important skill. Recently found myself trapped inside a serious trouble, running out of time, just found there are alot of things i need to do but i dun have time to do. Wat happen actually? Do i manage my time well? Do i spend too much time for only one side? I am now looking for an answer. I want to get rid of the freaking feeling asap. Wat the hell has happened? My mood getting worse n worse and my heart pumping faster n faster. Why there are so many things we need to improve and why this society is so competitive out there and there's always not a space for losers to hide. Damn!