Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Leap in my life!

They assigned me to take charge of a new module which is considered the largest module for this project. This time the module is larger than the first one i handled. Have been going more than 10 rounds of define meeting which lasts for 2 months already. This module is supposed to come out with one scope only but due to the size of the module, we decided to break into 2 specs. One of them user has required us to start coding by next week already. Another one still needs 2 more rounds of review meeting. By then it will be in the early november already.

The whole module should be completed right before April next year. Me & my team members have been wondering whether 3 of us are able to come out with all the screens on time, some more i need to focus on design specs and a lot of documentation stuff and of course, research too to help up the speed of development. My role is very much different from that last time already. My last role was team lead too but at that time i just started to pick up team leading skills, so everything i managed can be considered quite messy.This time i hope i can do much much better than last time.

Alrite, going back soon. The time now is 11.35pm, i am in singapore waiting for my boss to go back. The reason is i am following his car to singapore and so i need to wait for him to go back kulai. Hehe, the funny thing is i have nothing else to do already out there but they still need to wait for other team to finish thier tasks first. I very very much disagree with the way they do this because I will be willing to stay only if I need to complete my things within the certain time limit, but the fact is i am doing nothing out there and they still require me to stay! Some more it is not possible I can help the other team already because what i can do is not much as i need to follow the progression stictly from the beginning of the enhancement!