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記天龍宇宙王史 - 簡介篇 - 甲



恰好朝间游出了位汉族奸臣-- 鹰扬。此人原名仇翰修,出自名门世家,家财万贯。自小就拥有远大的志向,处处表现了他的机灵与狡猾,其父见他如此,便把他送往神鹰门以让他得到管制并好好地修身养性,其师介于易于称呼,而号其鹰扬。鹰扬以为其父偏袒养子-龙九州,而深感不忿,自此思想倾向偏激,发誓要出人头地之心越盛。他天资过人,手段高超,城府又极深,很快地就得到了师傅的欢心及师兄弟的欢迎。其间鹰扬还得奇遇,得遇一神秘高人传授共工劈岳气,鹰扬野心极大,自此暗自修炼,并一心一意要超越神鹰门的任何一人。其师老来开怀,欣慰得一高徒而日后能助神鹰门名扬四海。岂知鹰扬利欲熏心,为了天龙宇宙王许诺的丞相之位,在共工劈岳气大成后,配合当时天龙宇宙军团的力量,歼灭了反对天龙暴政的神鹰门。鹰扬为达目的,六亲不认,不择手段,利用其出色的功力,把神鹰门不降者一一屠杀。其师连同三名师兄弟联手亦不敌,结果都一一惨死于鹰扬阴阳鹰鹫爪下。鹰扬因而鱼跃龙门,一举登高成了一人之下,万人之上的宇宙丞相。不仅如此,他还身兼间谍局局长,在之后的灭邪行动中表现出色,多少正义之士介栽于其手。



It has been raining for a few days already in my hometown as well as in Kulai. This morning on the way to Singapore office, i saw some places were going to be flooded very soon. The traffic started to go slow. Luckily our(me & my colleagues) journey was considered smooth. We managed to reach our Singapore customer site at around 9.30 which my boss got an appointment with one hardware vendor at this time too. Right now i am in the Singapore office and found myself would need to record down this. I just came across the headlines over the net, wops, looks like a lot of places in Johor was flooded. I was informed via my girlfriend's call that my housing area also nearly got flooded. I wish the rain would have stopped now and can release people's trouble as we Malaysians are facing too many sad issues recently.

I wish tomorrow will not need to go over to Singapore already. In this rainy season i shall put more 'effort' in sleeping so i can get enough rest in which i have…

Another OT night

Have been working OT for many days already. When can this stop? Actually i don't mind working late if i could spend time learning something which can help improve myself. However i often found too many things for me to learn. I don't want to be specific in any single field. I want to be as "all-rounder" as possible. Hehe. It's ok. What i got to do now is to finish my task as soon as possible. I really hope my next task won't get me into time-constraint problem which results me to spend my own time just to figure out the best solutions for my company's customers. Argh, if you want to talk about professionalism, completing your task properly and fulfiling customer's needs always come first! They don't really give a damn on how much efforts you have spent. They only want to control control control the budget! What they want to see is result! Good result some more. I will tolerate for a few more months and i believe it won't take me long to get my…