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Very, very much blood shed in KLSE

Over the past few days, KLSE index dropped drastically. A few billions of RM just gone like that. It's like a dagger ripping my heart! Nobody like us (small investors) have ever expected this. Especially right now the general election is approaching!

The profit earned from both stock counters and funds last year soon turned into ashes.

So far, over the 3 stocks i am holding, 2 of them achieve a growth of 46.06% & 46.45% respectively. I have been holding these 2 stocks for 3 years already. It means on average, they have brought >14% profit each year. Well, the other one, which is the only one, causes me losses anyway! It's approaching one year and so far it causes loss at -17.37% ! Well, everything stated here is not the physical one as i have not yet sold the counters off!