Thursday, January 03, 2008

Development frustration

In this new project, i was using Service Facade design pattern to implement Spring + Hibernate.

I wonder why Hibernate Session is always being closed after the program leaves the DAO level.

I am frustrated when trying to manipulate model/models retrieved from DAO by accessing its/their child/children. It always tells me "Session is closed!"

That's really much different than the way i used to do.

Also, i could not manipulate Hibernate Transaction across different calls of services. I could not control when and where to commit or rollback just like what i usually do!

The Common Control also makes me scratching my head a lot! I am still in the process of getting familiar with it. I am now missing much on the traditional Struts + Javascript technique. Anyway, pros and cons always there.

Today bad news came, so, end of this month, have to complete everything! Yeah, another mission impossible!

One sicked, one blinded, one cursed

How can you expect the project to be completed?






Wednesday, January 02, 2008





喜迎元旦, Happy New Year!






Looking back to year 2007, it is a kind of disastrous year for me...

My career remains stagnant. It seems like i can't grow further. I am afraid of this feeling. I had been looking for the reason and found out that my personality is the one that actually restricts myself a lot. Hence I wish could have a total change of environment so that i could start everything new! I resigned. However i was persuaded by my technical director to give myself a chance again at Melaka branch. Now, i am at Melaka branch. I don't feel happier. Even tough it is much more relax than the previous office. Most probably, is due to there are still people i know is here... i have been trying to turn myself another person. However, the tight deadline has once again put me into a bad situation. I ask myself, do i still want to continue this kind of tension life? Take over my dad's business? As a full time freelancer? Join any MNC in the Klang Valley area? I have a dream, that is to be sent to oversea for training. I believe if i weren't to join the current company last time, i would have already been going oversea either for mission or for training for a few times already. I expect the coming job suits my personality, which is patient and less-communicative. I hope my career will be more towards R&D.

On a full 'Yin' day, my dad had passed away. What could be worst than this? Sadly,during the course of seven '7' week, i did not dream of him at all. My sister dreamed of him during his first '7' week. He was in a wonderland, bringing us the whole family to play around. He was happy according to my sister, he in the end hid inside a leave. What does that mean? I hope the answer is positive. I really really hope dad is there. Whoever out there, can YOU give me the answer?
I couldn't forget the moment. My teardrops could not stop falling while i was cleaning his body. Everything is so stiff, and so cold, blood still in his mouth. Dad, i know you did not want to leave, yet the thing turned out this way. What could me, as a son, as a human, do? Sorry for not always being obedient to you, i actually do remember your advises. They are the treasures that you passed to me. They are priceless.

The funds i bought continue to generate good number of income for me. Of course, it shall not be counted as i did not actually sell them. The achievement i am proud of is, i have helped one of my customers to achieve a 30%++ growth in exactly one year time. When he sold the fund, i could feel his excitement! I was so happy for him too! Imagine, let's say one year ago you invested 10k, right now you will get 13k! Don't you get excited? In the coming years, i expect i will invest in more funds, i wish i will choose the right one every time! Same goes for stock market! I am holding a few, i plan to sell one of them which is less stable in the coming future. The rest of the stocks remain lucrative. Loving them...!

I started to lose my health since few years ago. I think that was due to insufficient rest. There are a few sicknesses keep haunting me. There are 3 major ones. I am now trying to get them cured one by one in the coming year. I could not afford to risk my health anymore. My mom and sister need me!

I was thinking about to join US Summer Camp in year 2008. Right now my dad has passed away, do i still need to persist my dream? In fact, i was in the progress of finding suitable camp to join! Now, bad events had passed, shall i be selfish to get away from my family for 3-6 months? They are worried i could not live well over there...

MBA in Finance, shall i continue to pursue this? I really hope to gain more financial knowledge by taking a master. However, one of my friends suggested me to take ACCA instead. How funny? I am considering this option anyway. MBA, the university that offers this course is quite near to the place i stay. However the price is expensive. I would rather take a foreign U one. The best is to go oversea to study! I think i will start looking for scholarship. Again, shall i just leave my mom and sis like that? i guess the answer is, no way! Perhaps i will consider taking a distant leaning MBA programme.

SCJP, oh my god. It's already 2008. I think my ticket is going to expire soon. I really got to move forward asap!