Monday, October 13, 2008

Should i change job again?

Recently i was sent to a Telco company to service them. I will have to be based at there for a long time. I was very shocked on the first day that i need to take over a colleague's task that is in testing phase and he is going to fly off 3 days later! I did not expect something like this could happen. It should be well arranged in such a big corporation. They could not just get some one new in and expected the him to fix problems asap! A proper hand over must be done and the process should be given a proper timeline but not to make it like cooking instant noodle! The project could fail due to something like this! If i need work have a few late nights i do not mind but the quality will not be guaranteed! That is for sure, that's happening to everyone especially when a project has to be completed in hurry. Normally the project would end up being delayed due to lots and lots of bugs! How can you give birth to a baby in 9 months???

What most frustrated me was, last Friday 4 somthing the client's manager showed some problesm to me and expected me to fix it! I told him directly that i did not really have the idea of what he was trying to explain to me of the problem! Well, that is ok. I can liase with my colleague back in The Philipines. But, this manager kept calling and asking the status. I was frustrated. My sickness nearly came back again! He made me very tension. He should have trusted me more! If things continue this way i would consider to leave this big corporation!

I am looking forward to further my Master study and focus on research & development field. I believe that is something i want. Wish me good luck!

Sunday, October 05, 2008