Friday, March 07, 2014

Language or Race as job's criteria: Not a big deal isn't it?

Some time ago, some people in this country complaint about some "Chinese" companies are RACIST because their jobs demand the candidate to be able to converse in Mandarin or in other Chinese dialects. Logically these people are wrong. The companies were only asking for CANDIDATE WHO KNOWS TO SPEAK A PARTICULAR LANGUAGE. Why must these people associate a language with RACE? This is what I call PARANOID. I do not understand why these people fail to think RATIONALLY.

However, you may call a company RACIST if they only open their job opportunity to A PARTICULAR RACE only. Just like the picture below. The company is asking for LOCAL MALAY only, then yes this is a RACE criteria.

Anyway, I am not unhappy. I just accidentally found this. In fact I do not even think this is a big deal because this is not something that violates the law. People might condemn the company RACIST but in fact their job advertisement is compliant to the law. The company has 100% right to choose whoever they want to hire.

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