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christmas is my boring day

Huh, normally i dun celebrate Christmas because i dun take this very important sumo i m not a Christian. However for the past Christmas the whole day i felt like very bored maybe a lot of my friends going to somewhere else to celebrate the day and this caused me to have such feeling. Argh don't care since it's over already. Hihi. Last week had a good week because bosses were not around most of the time, we had much freedom to do the things v wanna do after office hr where normally v will still aching our heads continue to win in the battle against the dateline. I hope this easy days will go on since i prefer it n found it's really helpful as compared to the high pressure policy executed by one of the bosses. I dunno, hard technique soft technique which one is better? it's always a controversial issue.

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sigh, i got my first com when i was form 1, too bad because of lacking of somebody's guide. I only used it to play game and did some simple documentation stuff. Anyway, managed to know the DOS command that time. When i first heard of 'programming' this word, i found it's very interesting, therefore at form 3 i think, i bought my first programming book, The Visual FoxPro. At that time i was interested in Hacking also because i tot Hacking was cool. Then i downloaded a lot of hacking tutorials and visited many hacking sites obtained many hacking tools, in the end also learned nth because some content was too hard to understand for me. I think this is fate also, if i got a friend or relative good in this kind of computer stuff, then i think i might have mastered some programming language or might have had a good concept of IT b4 i entered U. Too bad really too bad... Sometimes fate is very important, u got the tool but if nobody comes …

The End of Year 2003

Kanasai, i was cheated by the book "bible code", the author and the bible maniacs had formed some words carrying some horrible message from the Hebrew characters , in the book it mentioned that year 2003 will be our judgment day but ladies n gentlemen u c, already December you know.
Another possible day is 2016, let's c what will happen then....

This book really caused a lot of phenomenon in the whole world that year, i think it was 1999, some more the Nostradamus's prophecy about the Mongol King coming alive was revealed that year, i tot it may be really true , sum ppl even guessed the judgment day would be caused by the infamous Y2K... according to them da Y2K would lead to system error including all the NUCLEAR LAUNCHER systems all over the world thus the nuclear bombs will be launched at the same time just like what v saw in Terminator 3, hihi, nothing happened in the end also.

Gu Long

Today came across an article talking bout a famous Chinese kungfu novel author, Gu Long.
Argh, looks like i got some misunderstandings on his style of writing. Last time i always tot the way he liked to twist and turn to describe just a simple thing was damn wasting time, but from the article, i knew actually the so called rubbish that Gu Long had written, were full of meaning, actually i quite like some of them too. Such as the most famous one, The most dangerous enemy is always your best friend. This is right because friends always know your weakness. Gu Long's thinking is quite pessimistic but i think they are fact, These words made his novel more interesting and when u r reading his novel at different age, u will obtain different level of understanding throughout the words...

The Da Vinci's code

Already bought the book, started to read for a few chapters, pretty interesting. Anyway, a lot of French words used in the book so some times i found it's really frustrated trying to understand them. Jut skipped, it's not a good thing to let them affecting my progress of going into the world of fantasy. Since young , already like this kind of stuff. So during secondary i did lots of research on the philosophy of life and hence i was considered kinda strange among my schoolmates and may be because of that, i sometimes found myself can't really adapt to the society. Luckily as i was growing older, i entered U, i knew some friends, i started to get normal already hehehe.

Terrible Experience in My life

Witnessed a fatal accident last night. Till now the incident is still swinging in my mind. It's all in a sudden, i was about to come out from a junction heading towards a busy main road. I was talking to my colleague and after a few seconds i turned my head back to the front, then i saw a man sitting rite on the road. I was surprised and din realize what had happened until i saw all the pieces of motorbikes scattering all over the road. Then i drove my car passing by the spot and after going for another 100 meters, i saw a car stopped beside the road, the driver coming down from the car and by nature i turned my head to the driver's direction, then i saw something lying down just under his car, Oh my god, it's a body. For sure the person would not live for any longer already. I dunno actually whose fault it is but i really hope not to c such thing happened again...really.....

Hi all

This is my first ever blog site. For the coming days i will be sharing my daily life with you , also will write my own technical article here tough it may seem kinda kindergarten level for whoever has already been an expert in this field.

Introduction to myself, Chinese Malaysian born in Segamat, a small town located in a state called Johor at the southern part of Malaysia. Get graduated in Multimedia University in Melacca, Malaysia, first job in Melacca too but had been transferred to Kulai 1 month ago. By the way, this is my 6th month in my first company. My job title is assistant software consultant. Sounds great rite? Actually is not an easy job since need to work late always even without sleep. So far found the environment quite suits me since i am able to learn a lot here and my relationship with my colleagues are quite ok. Forget to tell you, i am developing web applications using Java technology, now based on Struts framework, db used mostly is Oracle 9i.

Ok lah, up to here fi…