Monday, July 23, 2007


I did not expect the interview with "sexxxx-tx" is successful! I thought it has gone dead as it's been 3 weeks already that i did not hear from the agent that introduced me this job. Today she called me and said there is a good news! First thought came into my mind was: the interview went through! Hahaha, 75% of success rate, i am glad, that means at least i did not waste my time in my first company! I have to thank my boss(who is also my master) for giving me so much chances to grow. Sometimes i just hate myself why can't i be as aggressive as another colleague! He has been advancing so fast, so aggressively and he's about to become another shareholder of my company already! Well, i cannot blame any party even myself, because, there are a lot of factors! Time, Human, Family, Money, Project.... These are what i call fate. However, i believe life is a long battle. You fall behind from someone now does not mean you have no chance to overtake him next time! What i have is time! As long as i won't die so soon.

I am now cracking my head, just to decide which option to choose. The option suggested by boss? Work together with friend? Parked under him by taking an equivalent salary as him? Or to join a company offering flexible time line but lower benefits? What i can tell here is, once i move up, i can no longer achieve the great savings as i am enjoying currently here in Kulai. Kulai is too small. You have nothing to do here, you have no life here, you have no networking activities here. Those things are what i have been longing for! Yet, it is a peaceful town, no traffic jam, less crowded, you do not need to join a long queue just for movie ticket or nice food.

I need to make a decision in the next 24 hours already! Wish me good luck!








Saturday, July 21, 2007