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Compilation of supernatural TRUE incidents

1) Everyday he sees 'micro' things such as bacteria or virus. That's why he could not eat anything. He is becoming more and more skinny.

2) While she was still young, she was staying in a palm estate. She always saw a flying object with human face smiling at her at home. The 'thing' did not harm her, instead IT would just flew away in smoke form.

3) He was sleeping at that abandoned house. He chose that house rather than hotel because the house was located within the school's compound, the place where he worked. In the midnight, strange foot-steps sound awakened him and the sound went off very soon. Luckily the foot-steps were actually going towards the other direction than his room. The subsequent 2 weeks he was awakened by that sound every night.

4) He was carrying joss sticks to the graveyard from home. He noticed there was one empty slot. There is one big tree beside that piece of land. He approached the land and he was shivering suddenly. Immediately he knew this was what his late mom wanted. He quickily kneed down on the ground and asked his sister to flip 2 coins for 3 times and the coins showed the same side 3 times in a row! Hence decision made.

5) The x day at his mom's funeral, he 'saw' a monk with long black beard, in white frock, carrying his mom gently, rising obliquely high up to the sky.

6) He was resting on his sofa. Then his friend showed up in front of him. "Friend, i am here to bid farewell to you, take care", his friend said. Then he awoke. It happened so fast that as if the communication channel for two of them was brainwave! Two week later, he got a news that his friend had passed away.

7) He was driving. Out of a sudden he 'saw' one huge Buddha status dropping on him. Then nothing happened. The next day, after his car passing along a long winding cliff road, he finally reached his destination. He then took a nap. Loud noise awakened him. Oh, his car's tyres got punctured.

8) "In the name of the Lord, i command you to leave her body now!" He shouted. Then he saw a toad jumping out from the lady's mouth and she started crawling on the ground like a snake. He kicked the lady non stop till she became conscious again.

9) One by one he forced em out saying "please let go and leave...". Some of em were crying like baby. Some of em refused to surrender and leave. Some of them got "enlightened" and left. Those who left kept thanking him. So you can hear she said "Thank you, Thank you" again and again. Each "Thank you" represents one of em.

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