Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Improve our life?

This is another very good sharing. Please take note of this seriously.

Question: The purpose of learning all the meditation techniques or the power of now and so on, is to have "miracles" in our life? So that there will always be "sunshine" forever. If there is rain, it will not be "cats and dogs" but just "drizzling" only.

 Answer: Perfect

 ~ Sri Kriyathasa Sekar

All about LIFE

I would like to share with you what is life & how can you keep a good life. The following is a question I raised to my Guru. 

Dear Sekar, 
I am a frequent visitor to fortune tellers. I visited at least 3 fortune tellers in the past. They told me what is my personality and some important life events for myself. So far their "computation" results are quite accurate except for a few items.
At the same time I also listen to your Life Coachings, T-rex sharings on life, some other ppl sharings on life and I did some readings also. 
Last year I have consulted a fortune teller to read my 'Luck' for this year. I jotted down his reading. Recently I read back what I have jotted down. I realized his computation result is rather inconsistent.  
Therefore I have had some "realization". I want to share them. Much appreciate if you can provide your opinion. Thanks. 
The following are my "realization":   
1) Our life is full of all kinds of possibilities.  
2) Without believing in the Divine, our life might end up as described in our Astrology Birth Chart.
3) With the help from Vasthu Sastra or Feng Shui or Number (e.g Visiber) or some other tools, our life could be much better than the life in our Astrology Birth Chart. 
4) If we surrender ourselves fully to the Divine (by following the right practices as taught by 7C or by other spiritual masters) ,  our life will always be better than the life in our Astrology Birth Chart.  
Thank you.

Here's the reply from my Guru

Thank you for asking these questions. 
You are right in your understanding but with one difference, the astrological sign are not wrong if the reading is done by an expert. 
Lets talk about life:
1. Life is all about experiences and going through that learning process. This process has to give the bad experiences, so we will know what to avoid in the future and also the good experiences so we will know what to look forward to. 
2. If you don't do anything, then nothing bad or good will happen to you. This is the same as for the people who say I never seen the rain or sun because I stay in my house always. To them, life is fine, but they don't have any life experiences at all. Life has no meaning or purpose at all. 
3. Astrological charts/reading are like the weather forecast, it is just a guide. We read it or listen to it because we want to know what is ahead of us, not for us to fear  about it but to manage it. 
4. The life coaching that we give you, is to teach you how to manage this and understand this. We teache you to understand what is the purpose of the rain and sun. What are the effects of the rain and the benefits of the sun or vice versa.
That's the teaching we share. So you know how to manage the situation and also to grab the right opportunity for the right purpose. 
5. Accept that this is part of nature and whatever you do, there will always be rain and sun out there always. This is the acceptance and surrender. 
6. The most important thing happens next, your effort. This is where you take your experience, your guides and your understanding of purpose (acceptance and surrender) and combine them all.
This combination is called wisdom. You use this wisdom to be above all this and succeed. Wisdom simply teaches you to get an umbrella when you go out, not always but whenever you know it is appropriate. These are the successful people. Be here. 
I hope I have explained it well. If not we can always discuss this in the sessions. 
Thank you.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


我靈修 我學生活哲學

學了一段日子 也領悟了不少東西

再重新了解 佛學 

再重新了解 儒學

發現 大家說的 都是同樣的事

可見 如何詮釋 真的很重要


說不出的歡喜 實在太歡喜


中共怎么能唾棄之 利用之 侮辱之呢?

我們的華小 怎么能不多教些 儒學呢?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yet another 4 year cycle

Time flies. There goes my 4-year again.

4 years back. I was assigned by my company to a local tel-co client. I joined the Enterprise Service Bus team there, where all team members belong to the same company as mine.

I remember i only had 2 days to take over one existing Java Standalone Program, also an "adapter" to the client's back end system. The program owner is a Filipino and he had to fly back to The Philippines two days later. The project phase then was System Integration Test (SIT).

So i spent 2 days with my Filipino colleague for the Knowledge Transfer session. Back then my Java knowledge was not really solid so it was kind of difficult for me. My previous experience was more on web application rather than standalone program. And I had to deal with web services(SOAP/HTML), API (to talk to the back end system), Message Queue and etc. Nowadays i think those stuff are easy but during the first week that I got to learn all these I just felt these were so challenging.

What was my mood back then? I took it easy. I still left office before 8pm. I was telling myself I should not again force myself to work till late nights, like what I did in my first company. One should be willing to work late night that the work result will only be good, that is my realization so far after working for many years.

After my Filipino colleague left, for every SIT issue, the client person in charge would look for me, as i was the successor for the program. They were disappointed that i could not commit to solve every SIT issue within a day. And they sent an email to my boss that they complaint I was not the suitable candidate to take over the program. My boss was kind. He is a very understanding one. He stepped in and helped me to resolve some critical issues. I really wanted to thank him. Till today I still remember his help. I know some people do not really like his working style but that does not affect my gratitude towards him.

Finally the program went live. I enjoyed every moment installing the the prerequisite software for the program to the production server, with root access. I enjoyed deploy the program to the production server with the help from deployment team. I enjoyed working from home for a few days continuously to troubleshoot the production issues of the program. That was really tiring but it was fun as well.

Few weeks later, my company managed to sign a Out Source deal with this client. That means my company will run the client's IT services from infrastructure to every services & systems. That was really a big deal to my company. The deal created a lot of job opportunities. Anyway the contract ended just last month.

So once Out Source deal was signed, my boss moved on to join one of the projects. Subsequently our team changed 3 bosses in one year time. LOL. I remember there was this boss. He has a poker face. He looks a really strict guy. I was kind of worry knowing he was going to be my boss. In fact, he turned up to be quite a good boss to me. He knows how to reject all unnecessary projects. He knows how to prioritize projects for us. I really appreciate his help during his term.

Soon another boss has come to join us. And with his presence our team had turned into Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) team. Actually what changed is just the name of the team and the service methodology.
This boss stayed with us until last month. He is really a good one. All team members really appreciate his guidance. As for myself, i also appreciate much the trust and freedom he has given to me. I can actually conclude that he is the best superior i ever had. His existence is part of the important process of my life, indirectly, but very important.

What interesting is, I have this good friend, an ex-colleague, joined in the same team as me! He started off in another team after the Out Source deal. Then because he was playing with some integration product, due to the nature of work, he finally joined the SOA team. I actually never expected that both of us would end up working in the same team again. He is a special one in my life. He has been introducing a lot of personal improvement stuff to me. He led to to another meditation teacher. I really owe him a lot a lot. I will not mention all the stories here because it will be very lengthy. Ha ha ha.

Few months after SOA team was setup. I became a module lead. I was leading a team working on the java module. Team members came and left. When our company left the client, i had 2 team members left. In the beginning, it was a bit challenging for me to duplicate my experience and knowledge to them because at the same time i was rushing for projects. Fortunately they are very eager to learn about the module. I just needed to spend like 2 or 3 months to coach them and then one of them eventually was taking almost all the works while i just hid behind and provided necessary support to her. I really really appreciate her help in this. She is a good team member.Of course, I have to thank the rest also for their effort. With their help, I managed to get away from getting calls every minute every second. Imagine I once had to entertain calls almost every night or during dinner time. My dinner mate was there to "testify" this. Ha ha.

It was a meaningful 4 years. Not only at job. But in my life as well. I met one senior citizen who actually shared with me a lot of concepts, a lot of knowledge and a lot of interesting stuff. Other than the friend I mentioned earlier, I owe this senior citizen friend a lot a lot too. Of course over the 4 years I managed to get together with all my university mates. We all had crazy memories during our university life. One of them was my daily dinner mate. So in KL, we talked about a lot of craps LOL everyday. We played FIFA in cybercafe and I really enjoyed all the games. We watched a lot of movies and spent much time crap about the movies also.

So, that's my 4 years in KL. It is like dream. What left is only memories. And I forget to mention I almost lost my life 4 years ago in a severe car accident. Just one week before I started my new job. On my trip back to hometown from KL, my car hit the divider of the expressway. Thank divine, thank divine that I managed to survive. Only this year one medium told me that It was the amulet that saved me from the accident. Life is really full of surprise. And now I have come to one crossroad that if I am courageous enough to LIVE MY DREAM.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

敬人者人恒敬之 爱人者人恒爱之

我知道 我们之中 有人

满嘴 马来猪 马来猪

马来人 很懒 很笨

马来人这个 马来人那个


天天清晨 受轰炸

每个星期五 大塞车

满嘴  马来人这个 马来人那个


回教恐怖分子 四处作乱

政客 关闭卖猪场

嘴里 就换换咒骂对像 回教这个 回教那个



教徒霸占教义 教徒不明教义 教徒不守教义 



只要是人 都会很轻易的 成为魔鬼的使徒

无论是什么教徒 贪嗔痴一来 魔鬼也如影随形 乘虚而入

披上正统宗教的外衣 行邪魔之道


郑和 他是清真教徒 他是回教徒 他是穆斯林

爪哇 曾有九大回教圣徒 几乎个个是中国移民 

加布里天使当初 传谕穆圣

到了今天 教义 竟受歪曲至面目全非

到了今天 竟有人自称能代上天诠释教义 执行教规

到了今天 竟有人把整个宗教当作“族人”的资产 当作配套来贩卖

华人回教徒 奉行回教教义 行中华文化 何来冲突 竟需改名换姓不可 竟需放弃传统?

这些魔鬼代言人 心中 已遗失了 神的光 

魔鬼已附身 可怜

然而 若我们继续 谩骂侮辱 人

我们心中 的光 也会渐渐 湮没


敬人者 人恒敬之 爱人者 人恒爱之

愿诸君 坚持不懈的 守着 “仁” 的精神

奉行“仁”的精神 方能 

重新 照亮 乌黑的心 赶走魔鬼

Monday, August 06, 2012






未來的我 也像今天的他們 一樣

不同的是 他們好像很享受 充滿激情

不同的是 我已心如止水 只有 淡淡淡

這里 或者說 這領域 好像已沒什么東西能激起我的熱誠

這種未來 活脫脫是人間煉獄



上天 我已夢醒了!


上天 我投降了 



我只希望 能成為一位圓滿的人

內心不再分裂 不再需要逃避


我要先 謝謝上天!謝謝守護神!

讓我 能享受工作

Sunday, August 05, 2012

李宗偉 華裔馬來西亞人

我 衷心希望

李宗偉 能奪得金牌

證明 我們的價值 

證明 這張紅黃藍旗幟 在我們心中 是在世界各地 的身份證

我們 是 華裔馬來西亞人

我們的貢獻 從古至今 良多

我們效勞這里 已久

惟我們的貢獻 常不為極端者所 認可

他們甚至認為 我們與當今之外勞一樣 是寄居者

他們不理會 那些以先賢命名的 路 大廈 花園

寄居者 的第二代 的第三代 還是寄居者

我們的優美母語 富有豐富內涵的母語 這能通往無數經典的工具 在他人眼中 竟是分裂國民之主因

要多一間華小 多一間獨中 難過登天

我們馬來語不流利 腔調不準 就質疑我們的愛國心 

有什么委屈 會比這更委屈!? 最委屈!?

李宗偉 加油!

此刻 國內持不同母語者 都支持你 

此刻 華裔馬來西亞人 的貢獻 都被認可

其實 不管你有沒有贏取 金牌

你的貢獻 你的付出 已是很多很多了

你的貢獻 你的付出 已是太多太多了


她說 大慈大悲觀世音菩薩最近有蒞臨

莫非 就是我那天所見到的光?

畢竟 光源自宇宙之母

況且 宇宙之母能有多種化身

其實 各種能量源頭 都歸于宇宙之母

但是 這純粹是我的推測

其實 我應該把此事忘了、放下

繼續 頂禮南無大慈大悲觀世音菩薩摩訶薩

繼續 恭敬的 借助守護神 借助各天使 的力量

繼續 禮拜 上天 感謝 上天

繼續 用對的方式去 許愿


你說 上一代

很珍惜工作 很珍惜機會

先付出 不計較 必能看到回報 必能看到

頭家 回報你

你的話 很中肯 我沒說你錯

我們 只是


我們這時代 機會很多 




里頭有溫暖的床 不錯的食物 很溫很飽

然后我們習慣了 慵懶了 麻木了

踏出堡壘 腳板踩著一點砂石 就喊疼 回去了

Thursday, August 02, 2012







沒多久 我有了某美國公司的聘約

我來找她 我沒提起我有此聘約

她說 有白人公司聘請 就去吧

我去了 就這樣呆了數年



錯過了某機會 上天仍會安排另一個機會給你

但 不論有多少機會 有多少貴人

終究 還是要定奪