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世纪开源篇 - 历经光阴的幻想,脑里萦绕的世界



有说, 欲入神界,武功必强至能进入缓冲届,再在那儿历经能量撕裂的磨练,直至神界缺口大开,方能进入。至今宇宙三百六十界唯有无敌尊者孙悟空成功办到。在此请别 误会,此孙悟空非齐天大圣孙悟空也。此孙悟空乃抗天龙宇宙王的无敌义军之最高统治者也。此子天生聪明,洞察能力超强,百战百胜,一身无敌神功冠绝寰宇,作 战部署又非常之巧妙,为人有仁者心态,之所谓仁者无敌。


伟大的中华民族 - 易经说

易经,相传乃周文王所作,但已不可考。易经是体现中华民族伟大思想的一本书,其文艰辛难懂,所幸春秋战国时期有人为之作解说。我对已经了解不深,因没甚时 间去深入解读,但我以易经为荣。而我也相信这个世界乃由无到有,而有又是阴阳平衡的结合体。易经最令人惊讶的地方在于它在老早以前便发现了二进制的秘密, 多亏于有二进制的发现,而有了今日的电脑。










Tired Monday

I woke up at 5 something this morning. Argh, damn tired. My eyes could hardly open. I slept on 12 something the night before! I had a regret of did not make myself to get into deep sleep as i got onto the bed, instead i read the historic book i bought a few weeks ago. So now i got to bear the consequence. Cause & Effect!! Hahaha.

I got to send my dad to JB's custom because he needed to go for routine body checkup in Singapore. The appointment was supposed to be at 9am. At around 5.45am i set out from my house. Throughout the journey my eyes were in pain so i was abit nervous that if i did not pay much attention, i could overturn my car. Lukily nothing happened. I reached JB custom safely. However, my eyes had been damn painful for the wholeday. Anyway i managed to pay attention to my work. Argh, really wish could go back and rest early today. Having a good sleep is always important to us!

Furious night

I planned to go earlier tonight. The boss came up to office again after coming back from Singapore. So many years already i have been trying to withstand the inteference. I got stuck in my coding. I really wanted to go crazy. What the hell!!! Why everything started to be not so smooth all of a sudden! ARGH!!! Now is going to be 12 already!

Relax moment

Today is the most relax day so far ever since i got stuck into a 'endless' trap of trying to finish the module's development & bugs fixing. For the past 5 months(Since May) i have been working like a dog and even sacrificed some precious holiday for the sake of trying to catch up the timeline. Yeah i can't deny that this is my responsibility and i do hope boss acknowledged this and award me in the coming year. What i expect is at least 2.5 months bonus. Hahaha is that alot? I don't think so because i always think that i deserve this. The efforts i have put into this project is enormous. I am not trying to be boastful but this is what really happened. The next thing i am going to do after the end of this project is to gain back my normal life. I wish i don't need to burn midnight oil anymore, i wish i can have some time on weekdays for some entertainment or exercise such as Yoga. I always want to learn Yoga, Music and lot's more. I strongly believe that…