Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A very good morning!

Good morning to you guys out there. I enjoyed a good sleep for the past two days. It's been precious to me as i long time never really have a proper sleep. I have either slept very late then woke up late or slept for a few hours only, even on Saturday or Sunday! Most of the time i just have one feeling that i do not have enough sleep as my eyes always easily get tired! I really have to thank god for giving me such a chance to have a good quality sleep.

This morning i woke up at around 7 am, i could hardly get myself back to sweet dream again so i just got up from the bed, brushed my teeth, cleared my colon, then went for swimming. Recently the weather is so hot so the water in the pool is very warm! Great! I swam for around 15 minutes. Enjoyable!

After that i took a shower then went to office. I made myself a first organic breakfast in Kulai. Anyway i also bought a pack of fried mee hon as i was worried that little organic oat could not fill in my stomach. I happened to meet my colleague when i was going out from office and she was so surprised that i came to office so early!

Anyway, it's a wonderful morning for me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007






Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sun Tech Days

Last week i managed to attend the Sun Tech Days event. That was the first Sun Tech event in Malaysia. I felt extremely happy as i had the chance to see the real person of the father of Java - James Gosling. My company sent me together with my colleagues to this event which overall took 2 days to finish. On the night before the event i set out my journey together with the 2 other colleagues from Kulai to Kl at around 8pm. We had our dinner in Kulai first then continued our journey. Thanks to the lengthy conversation between me & one of my colleagues who was sitting next to me, i managed to keep myself awake throughout the 300km journey. Of course, we had some light tea session in the midst of the journey as well. We arrived at the destination hotel at around 12.30pm. So me & one of my colleagues were assigned in the same room. We watched the fantastic four in Star Movie and then slept to recharge ourselves for the exciting event the next day.

Here comes the Sun Tech Days, we set out from the hotel at around 8 something in the morning. The event actually started at 7.30 which means we were late for that. Luckily the event location is just a few minute by walking distance from our hotel. Anyway, the important part of the event was the speech addressed by Mr. James Gosling which started at around 9 something. We reached there with empty stomach. The first 2 speakers who one of them is the Sun Microsystems Managing Director in Southeast Asia Region and the later one was one of the many minister in Malaysia. Both of them are really lousy speakers as they only spoke something which are not interesting at all. Next was the famous James Gosling. Somehow his speech also not much of excitement probably because he is a typical technical guy who is always an introvert.

I do not want to describe so much of details here as there were too many things to talk about. Perhaps let me do my research first then will share with you guys on those cutting edge technologies. In short, these are EJB 3.0, J2EE 5, J2SE6 and etc. What impressed me was the easy creation of Web Service using J2EE5 as right now i got to crack my head configuring this & that before publishing my web service. With the advent of J2EE5, all we need to do is to use the annotations to mark whether this function shall be wrapped into a web service or not. As for the EJB 3.0 i think i do not need to mention that much already as it looks certainly is the implementation standard of business logic(IOC) & Object-Relational Mapping framework in future which also means the current famous framework Hibernate & IOC framework Spring will be replaced by this new framework in the end. So, annotation again! It really plays an important role in making this EJB 3.0 up.

There are several meals provided throughout the whole day. The meal is not bad indeed. Even tough that is considered too much for me already, but i really enjoyed it! The whole day ended with joy and exhaustion as we managed to learn new things but at the same time tired of sitting there for a whole day to pay full attention to what had been addressed by those speakers. Thanks to their efforts & professionalism. I think they really had the passion & willingness to share with us of what they know. They are promoting Java with great effort!

The next day was a little bit boring as some of the topics did not really help us in improving our current work. Perhaps it is only helpful for people who is working in other fields. Some of the speakers tone are too monotonous that's why making some of us asleep. Since those topics did not stir much of our interest, so i did not learn much from there. I also purchased the SCJP exam voucher at a discount rate! I planned to take this exam within this year and this voucher expires on March 2008. Anyway, i did not manage to finish listening the last session as i got to accompany my colleagues back to hotel to take his stuff which were put along together with my luggage. After that i waited for the rest of my colleagues in the hotel lobby to move on to our journey back. Thanks to another colleagues again for kept talking to me so as to keep me awake along the way back to Kulai. Thanks ya. We reached there at around 12.30. After taking bath and lying down on my bed, i was talking to myself, i really got to appreciate the chance give to me and really learned something from there.