Sunday, February 08, 2015

Ads: 1/3 men suffer from Prejaculation

That day I saw this advertisement in one clinic, saying that 1/3 men suffer from pr-ejaculation. I am sure these guys are pretty much depressed. Both of themselves and their sex couples are not able to enjoy Great Sex due to this.

Just few weeks ago, I have written that I have discovered a technique that allows a man to "Last Longer in Bed". I discovered that from my Spiritual Practice experience. If you know to read Chinese, you can read it here

What I have achieved so far is the significant increase in the numbers of times of "Penetration". Can be up to at least 400-500 times. Sometimes I just feel the pain of my Penis/Dick/Cock because of the "High Frequency Penetration". So Long-Lasting is not really a good thing also. You must remain "Moderate".

I plan to share my Long-Lasting in Bed tips with you , in exchange of money. Price is negotiable. I may even share with you for FREE if your condition is really bad and your marriage is affected by this. I am charging this because this is my Intellectual Property.

If you are keen. Just leave your comment here, or send me an email at

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