Saturday, February 07, 2015

Let Religion Unite, Not Divide

Let me tell you how all religions can be "united". 

The true spirit of religion is not about all the doctrines, but the spiritual way to be One with the Creator.

The true spirit of religion is not about how many comrades you have? Or how many of your comrades have betrayed you. It is not a game. What matters most is YOU do not lose faith in God up to the extent that even when the world only has only 1 follower left, which is yourself, you FAITH still persists. Just look at Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad (SAW) , they started with zero follower yet they did not care, they just did what they needed to do.

When i look at different religions, including Confucianism which is traditionally not regarded as a religion, I find the beauty in each of the religion is the "way to be One with the Creator", and as a religion follower, you can do that via different ways of meditation such as the Buddhist way, the Islam way (Sufi whirling and etc), the Christian way and etc. There are so many ways. If you practice, each of it can help in your spiritual growth.

When we ignore all the religion doctrines, such as what you can do, what you cannot do, what you can eat, what you cannot eat and straight go to the method to be One with God, we will realize that there is actually no religion at all, there is only the Creator. The Creator is so near to us and we will feel religions become so minimal, sacred books become so insignificant.

A lot of religion followers read their sacred books without the right mindset. You have to first practice the ways to be One with God , then only you start reading the sacred books. This is the right sequence. By then you will have a better understanding on the content of the sacred books. This is a very scientific and rational way, which is to prove what you have learned and realize it by yourself. You do not just believe blindly in everything being told or taught.

This is the way for all religions to be One. Believe in the Creator, don't emphasize the religion(doctrines).

To end this article, religions are created by followers. Sacred books are written by followers. Prophets or Gurus never really created religions. They only passed down valuable teachings as well as the Divine Message from The Creator. Religions were created to fulfill the followers' need, especially when their Spiritual Gurus are already not around. Religions were not created for the need of Prophets, Messengers or Gurus.

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