Wednesday, July 29, 2015

From English-Dominance to Multiple-Languages-Dominance

Photo taken from the internet

Look at the below link.

The English dominance around the world is not a healthy phenomenon.

Those who think that people should be able to know English are very arrogant. Look at the below link, some of those reporters were really not PROFESSIONAL at all. They're expecting someone who do not speak English as the first language to answer their questions in English. Come on, what's the point having INTERPRETER and TRANSLATOR then?

IMHO, for a healthier world, English native speakers should also pick up other foreign languages during primary or secondary education. That way they will be able to know more about the culture and etc outside the English-world.

I am urging those English-media companies to include the criteria of being well verse in other foreign languages other than just English when it comes to recruiting reporters or journalists.

Thank you.

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